Robert Carteaux, Jr.
3D Environmental Designer / Virtual Music Specialist

Robert has 20 years of passionate engagement with Virtual Reality (VR). Robert created his first virtual object on January 22nd, 1996 in Activeworlds and has not looked back since. While teaching a Simulations and Games class for Indiana University, he organized multiple field trips to the Fort Knox tank simulators to examine and use three different types of virtual systems. A few years later, he significantly increased his virtual worlds experience when he was hired in January 2002 to be the Quest Atlantis 3D environmental developer/designer researcher.

Robert has been involved in the virtual Second Life music scene extensively as his avatar Kentar Vendetta since January 28th, 2008 when he was hired by Ortho Vargas of OD Designs (

For the last 11 years he has been a manager at OD Designs and has learned a great deal about virtual customers' needs, particularly when it comes to customer service. In addition, He has been involved with Relay for Life of Second Life since 2009. In 2010 he became Captain of Team OD, and they have received over $35,500 in donations for the fund drive since that time.

Robert has formed a partnership with Verin Lewis, CKO of MRI (a game production and marketing company) to establish Parallel Worlds Music, a VR music production and publishing company. Parallel Worlds Music will also produce VR concerts featuring the musical artists with which they work. As VR has grown, it has established a uniquely engaging entertainment venue for musical performance. Many music fans in Second Life are attending these captivating VR musical events. Parallel Worlds will give many more that opportunity.

Robert's goal is to position himself to develop the vast untapped markets to help improve the human condition using online VR.

Let's change the future!


Verin Lewis, CKO
Microcomputer Resources, Inc.

Verin Lewis' journey with computers began in 1979, traveling from that point into the dawning of the Interactive Multimedia Era, the Internet, and the Digital Renaissance. After over a decade in the computer consultation business, Mr. Lewis' journey landed him on the shores of Trilobyte Games and on the team that created the groundbreaking game The 7th Guest.

Microcomputer Resources, Inc. (MRI) was originally established as a contracting corporation designed by seasoned professionals to streamline and manage the flow of contracts and resources between 3D gaming artists and management. MRI now provides computer visualization, specifically the areas of developing high-resolution 3D computer graphics and interactive 3D sets, environments and digital domains.

Mr. Lewis has also produced several videos that have received local, regional and national acclaim. Mr. Lewis's videos have been featured at the Northwest Film & Video Festival, in the California Museum Of Photography and in Wirehead; The Virtual Media Gallery, the first ever virtual art gallery of computer art and animation.

MRI has evolved into an independent production company. Its goal is to create quality titles and carry that excellence from marketing through the various distribution channels to the consumer.

With the release of its first title, Josh's World, MRI entered the arena of independent children's game production. In an effort to create a positive, non-violent game that included more diverse characters, Josh's World, an interactive computer game for children ages 2-9, was one of the few computer games featuring a positive African American role model for young children. Josh's World provided African American children the fun and delight of engaging in a 3D interactive play land they can explore with Josh there to provide help and companionship along the way.

MRI has formed a partnership with Robert Carteaux, Jr. (3D Environmental Designer & Virtual Music Specialist) to establish Parallel Worlds Music, a VR music production and publishing company. Parallel Worlds Music will also produce VR concerts featuring the musical artists that they work with.