Joining Second Life

First you have to create an account on the Second Life (SL) website. This can be done for free at You will need to choose an avatar type, either classic or fantasy to begin with, you can change it later as much as you like. Once you have created an account, you need to download and installthefree Second Life viewer. The Linden Labs viewer may be downloaded here:

Your avatar is your representative in the world of Second Life. By controlling your avatar, you can explore, interact with the Second Life world, and communicate with other avatars controlled by Second Life users. Because avatars represent you, they are an important form of self-expression and the first thing many new users want to do after arriving in Second Life is customize their avatar's appearance.

If you are not yet comfortable with Second Life's editing tools or don't have the time to shop for a custom avatar, the Avatar Picker provides a very easy interface for choosing a high quality, professionally designed avatar model. These avatars are provided by Second Life maker Linden Lab free of charge, and you can try as many as you want, whenever you want! To use one of these pre-made avatars, follow these steps:

1. Select Me > Choose an avatar from the top menu bar in the Second Life window.

2. In the Choose an Avatar window that opens, click a category tab to see a preview of avatars in that category. At the time of this writing, the available categories are People, Vampires, and Classic.

3. Click the image of your desired avatar to immediately wear that avatar.

Once your Second Life account is established, you have an Avatar and you are in Second Life your ready to go to future Parallel Worlds Music VR concerts.